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Live the NA Steps Site Meetings

Closed meetings are intended for addicts only, or those seeking help for their drug problem. We ask that others please respect their anonymity, and avoid joining those meetings. Please join an open meeting instead.

Open meetings can be attended by anyone, but only addicts and those seeking help for their drug problem may be allowed to speak while the meeting is in session. Questions and comments may be addressed once the meeting is over. Text the Chairperson in Private Chat that you would like speak with them.

To access a meeting, click the Zoom Link no sooner than 15 minutes prior to the start time. Cell users may need to swipe left to find the link.

If you have Zoom installed. you'll be taken directly to the Zoom Waiting Room. If not, Zoom will install itself, just follow the easy prompts. Once it is done, you will automatically be included in the Zoom Waiting Room.

There maybe a delay before the Chairperson adds you to the meeting. Please be patient. You can lessen the wait by formatting your Zoom Profile Name:
[First Name] [Last Initial] [Clean Date or Location]
This will help identify you as a Narcotics Anonymous member, and allow the chairs to prioritize admitting you to the meeting room.

* ET is Eastern Time in the United States.Find your local time for the meeting here.

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